Patricia Haskey News



New original paintings and newly released limited edition prints will be shown in the next  exhibition 'OUR TIME' at Arteria with Gallery 23, Lancaster, opening on the 27th January. Details of the exhibition can be found on the Arteria website and will be posted on my exhibitions page asap.

I will be taking part in an exhibition in April at the Ilminster Arts Centre, Somerset, with 'Creative Coverage'. I am very excited to have the opportunity  to produce new paintings from another county - so many beautiful places to paint in this small country.

The new collection of Manchester paintings and prints were shown with the Northern Lights Gallery at the Manchester Art Fair on 19th - 21st November.

It has long been my intention to paint a Manchester-based theme,  so I am very excited to have made a start with this collection inspired by this incredible city with its rich history and magnificent architecture.

I am also busy with commissions and will be adding to my landscape and cycling collections.

Paintings and prints can be seen and purchased online on gallery websites and my own print shop on this website. I will be adding images to my site, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact me via the Contact page as most paintings are available as prints.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or enquiries via the Contact page.

November 2021