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The new painting here is being shown in the winter show at Arteria with Gallery 23, Lancaster, following the theme of ‘Fika’

"FIKA" - Scandinavian ethos about meeting with friends and loved ones / going for coffee breaks and spending quality time / time out / slowing down / seasonal

Reflecting on the theme, it occurred to me that one of the places people like to go to relax is by water – walking along a river or canal bank or by the sea. Living by the sea in Heysham, I love to stroll along the promenade, especially at sunset – taking moments to contemplate and be inspired by the grandeur of nature.

The morning light over St George’s Quay is equally inspiring – creating intricate patterns over the myriad of windows, buildings and water, all steeped in history. Both of these places also have great establishments to satisfy cravings for coffee, cake or Prosecco!

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October 2017